“Trilby magically transported our large group of participants from a quiet position of sitting in rows in their chairs into merriment, performance, joy, confidence, exhilaration, laughter, and then into quiet, self-reflective, deep awareness entering into their bodies, minds and souls in a fresh and new way, and then back into the group in a renewed magnificent manner.” Suzanne Kyra, CEO of Living BIg Retreats, International Empowerment Speaker, Certified Coach, award winning author of Welcome Home to Yourself, Registered Clinical Counsellor.

The Buffoonery Team-Building Workshop

Post Buffoonery

Post Buffoonery teambuilding discussion

“When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other.”  ~Alan Alda

Have ever found yourself thinking too much, being overly serious, listening to your inner critic, and spending too much energy trying to be what you are NOT?

You’ll be relieved by “Buffoonery Team-building Workshops” facilitated by Trilby Jeeves.

Trilby provides a safe place for you to discover your inner bouffon (everyone has one) and really let go. Bouffons love to mock and mirror us silly humans. When we learn to laugh at ourselves, we discover a sense of freedom that permits us to be who we truly desire to be.


A great by-product of the bouf­fon world is their positive sense of “gang”. There is never any con­flict, which allows each indi­vid­ual to flour­ish in a safe and supportive manner.

This workshop will take you through a series of exercises that will reignite your playfulness (your right brain), with your knowledge (your left brain).  You will leave feeling refreshed and relating to others in a more playful productive way. Enjoy reading about a recent team-building moment.


  • Lack of trust between employees and/or middle management
  • Lack of productivity due to fatigue, low interest, anxiety
  • No motivation
  • Lack of support from fellow workers or management
  • Having to work long hours
  • No fun or lightness
  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Illness due to stress


  • Employees that trust and like their team
  • Everyone is productive, energized, interested with no anxiety
  • Motivation is high
  • Fellow workers are supportive
  • Work hours are reasonable
  • Time out for fun and lighter times
  • Good job satisfaction
  • Low stress, low absenteeism because of no illness


  • Regain trust and respect for fellow workers
  • Discover personal stories which makes everyone “human”
  • Learn to play with each other
  • Stress is reduced through play & laughter
  • Energy returns, more productivity & innovation
  • Healthier workers equates less absenteeism
  • Communication is improved through laughter & stories
  • Conflict is reduced (there is no conflict in buffoonery)
  • Workers feel valued because their employer encouraged FUN!
  • Boosts moral
  • Encourages inclusion (the buffoon ‘gang’ is remarkably cohesive)
  • Breaks the ice prior to “serious” meetings
  • Increases empathy amongst workers

“Living Vision Retreat”


  • A safe place to explore
  • Intro­duc­tory exer­cises to con­nect you with the others
  • Surprising yourself as you rediscover your sense of play
  • Being able to laugh with the others
  • Being physical
  • Rediscovering being in the present
  • Story telling in various ways
  • A workshop of 2 hours or more (see workshop page)

“Trilby Jeeves facilitated two Buffoonery Workshops for our Professional Development Day at Arts Umbrella®. The morning session was a huge hit with our employees and created such a ‘buzz’ at lunch time that enrollment in the afternoon session tripled! Participants included administrative staff, management and faculty. Trilby’s dynamic workshop created an opportunity for our employees to interact in a way not possible in the office or classroom. The opportunity to have fun and play together has resulted in a more compassionate and productive workplace. This is team-building at its finest.” ~ Arts Umbrella®

Buffoonery Workshops - Trilby Jeeves - Testimonial

Arts Umbrella Professional Development Day – Fun!

“The beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive & happier in everything we do.” ~ Stuart Brown M.D. (author of “Play”)

“Being somewhat of a career teacher, I have an occupational hazard towards evaluating others’ facilitation and I’d like you to know that I think your version was fantastic. Your program design was very logical with each piece building on the step before and you managed to walk that fine line between being involved and being an observer/coach (how you also managed to shoehorn in “photographer” as well blows my mind).”
~ Bill Upward, North Shore Compass Centre, N. Vancouver, Canada

Great workshop, clear objectives, valuable experience – creates a comfortable, safe place to explore.” ~ Marilyn Foubert, Vancouver, Canada

“Great fun and allowed me to see myself in a different light.” ~ Renee Laci, Vancouver, Canada

“What a fabulous weekend; so much fun; from beginning to end,  a powerful self exploration and a learning to connect with myself better. All the exercises were non intrusive; I wasn’t asked to do anything where I felt unsafe and yet I was put into a place where barrier after barrier was broken down; allowing me to experience just how well constructed those barriers were (the best of concrete was used). The group welded very quickly; all in all a very wonderful experience and I very much want to do it again; I thought your leadership exemplary.” ~ Godfrey Levy, Entrepreneur

To find out more and book a team-building workshop designed to your needs please contact: Trilby Jeeves 604-922-3744604-922-3744