“This was a fantastic workshop for high school performers; it really allowed them to lose some of that self-consciousness inherent in teenagers. It was a great bonding activity, and it improved the students acting in only one day! Thank you, Trilby. ~ Jane Hastelow, Bluefield High School, P.E.I.

Buffoonery Workshops - Trilby jeeves - Testimonial

Bluefield High School, PEI



  • You have to fulfill too many roles- ( Director, Costume designer, Set designer, Choreographer, Confidant, Entertainer, Disciplinarian, Psychologist and…. more)
  • You are always looking for new ways to inspire the students to perform at their best, and keep interested.


Your main goal is to get the students:

1) acting

2) telling the story of the play

3) having fun

Maybe you would like a break and a NEW TOOL to help you achieve this?

By encouraging “getting out of the head, into the body”,  owner of Buffoonery Workshops, Trilby can guide your students to understand the actor’s job, and return to the importance and freedom of “play”.

3 jours d’atelier de Bouffonerie: Jeux de la Francophonie


  • Being cast in the role you want
  • Understanding the character
  • Breaking down the script
  • Understanding your subtext
  • Learning and remembering your lines
  • Trusting the cast and getting a long

 Buffoonery Workshops Can Help

  •  Using “Le Bouffon” students loosen up & connect with their characters in a playful and full expression.
  • Barriers break down and students want to work together as a team; as a cast.
  • Feeling safer, everyone has fun,  are happier with their performances.
Discovering their bouffons

Vancouver Film School Acting Dept.

“I learned to be able to act more ridiculously in front of people without caring about being judged. I now feel less nervous acting/buffooning in front of people or a crowd.” ~ Taylor Rush, P.E.I. Canada

Buffoonery Workshops - Trilby Jeeves - Testimonial

Preparing to “buffoon” a childhood story

“I loved your workshop with every single minute move. It helped me so much for getting together as a group and finding my own personality. It was a lot of fun and I hope that we will do that again some day. Thank you for your help.” ~ Johanna Wastmann, Germany & P.E.I. Canada

Buffoonery Workshops - Trilby Jeeves - Testimonial

Bolder drama students – post buffoonery!

“It was fabulous! You helped me come out of my shell, and show me who I really am. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to stand out.” ~ Meagan Toole, P.E.I. Canada

“I had so much fun! It was a fabulous experience – we learned so much. Our acting has improved, and the day together really helped us bond as a cast.” ~ Morgan Wagner, P.E.I. Canada

“I had a wonderful experience and I learned that it doesn’t matter if my buffoon isn’t like my character, because my buffoon can act and have a sweet time.” ~ Erica Ross, P.E.I. Canada

St. Georges Boys School, Point Gray, B.C


Les Bouffons in Puerto Rico!!


3 Day Buffoonery Workshop in Puerto Rico

To find out more and book a workshop designed to your needs please contact: Trilby Jeeves 604-922-3744