(maximum of 10 participants)


  • Getting out of your head and away from that inner critic
  • Gaining a freer, in the moment and a more connected performance
  • A tool to make you “director proof” (Have you had a director that just doesn’t seem to draw out your best performance?)
  • A tool to deepen your play
  • Knowing your full limits (it’s easier to pull back, than to put on)
  • Rediscovering the joy of “play”


  • A safe place to explore
  • Introductory exercises to connect you with the others
  • Finding your bouffon with the others
  • Laughing a lot
  • Sweating a lot
  • Forgetting about the time, and your inner critical voice
  • Experiencing exercises/play that will reveal more about you to you
  • Finding your bouffon, a friend forever
  • Discovering a very playful way to explore subtext of scene/monologue work


The session is available to a maximum of 10 participants. Learn more about  here.

Registration is on a first come basis with a down-payment

Contact Trilby 604-922-3744 for more information

“As a grown up– the chance to play care­free for the first time in 30 years…” Natalie Pereech actress, Jamaica

Crack open your unique BOUFFON, romp with a BOUFFON family, embrace your lovely imperfections and never experience the world the same way again.

Through the unique technique of “Buffoonery” the performer has an opportunity to explore extreme play so as to be highly in touch with her/his body. This play can be translated over to scene or monologue work.

For the non-actor, exploring “Buffoonery” can free you to a place of stronger self confidence and fun freedom. It can also be a great tool for team-building.

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~Workshop Options~

“The Buffoonery Acting Workshop”

“I think it should be obligatory for all actors to help them get out of their own way, get into their bodies, not take themselves so seriously and find the joy of pure play. Personally, it reminded me of many aspects of the wonderful experience I had with Jacques LeCoq and burst the world of potentials in acting wide open for me again.” Mark Downey, actor/singer/songwriter

 Gaining a useful tool for truthful, focused performances for actors, singers, & performers.

“The Buffoonery Team-Building Workshop”

“It was not only a great team building experience but lots of fun! It definitely helped us push our boundaries.” Elaine Wiens, North Shore Compass Centre

Building self confidence, renewing your sense of play and enhancing work with colleagues.

“The Buffoonery Wellness Workshop”

“I have felt that in my 73rd year I’ve been slowing down but your class somehow reached inside my body and let me play and mime freely with no worry or criticism which was a gift that I have needed.Over the two days I felt at least 10 years younger!!” – Maggie Shore, Vancouver, Canada

 Learning to laugh at oneself  to heal, to embrace your foibles, and brighten the serious in your life.


~Booking Options~

  • 2-3 day intensive for actors/community drama
  • 1 day session for drama students
  • 1 day session for business team building/wellness
  • 1/2 day session for business team building/wellness
  • 2-3 day second level Buffoonery
  • 1/2 day introduction
  • 1/2 day refresher
  • 2-3 hr. mini workshop for all

To book a session contact Trilby Jeeves:

or call 1-604-922-3744





“The Buffoonery Acting Workshop was so helpful in opening me up to being freer in my acting. It challenged me to push past my insecurities and fears and into this territory of the unknown.  It was a journey of self-discovery and ultimately, of growth.  I feel like my work has been pushed to another level because of the boundaries I’ve had to work past.”      Bronwyn Angley, actor, Regina, Saskatchewan


“Buffooning your scene, freeing your performance..”


Intro to Buffoonery Acting

2 hr Buffoonery Workshop

Nervous before auditions? Thinking too much? Forgetting to play? Not booking jobs? Is your body telling the story? Feeling false? Unconnected? Taking yourself too seriously?

This introductory workshop to the BOUFFON world will offer ACTORS and NON-ACTORS the chance to be reminded of their true playful selves.

The goal for this introductory workshop is to give you the beginnings of the funnest, freeing tool for preparation for performance, speaking, presenting, or just dealing with your in-laws!And, this is just a beginning…..

WHEN: tba

WHERE: tba

REQUIRED: An open spirit and some energy!


To book a session contact Trilby Jeeves:

or call 1-604-922-3744


out of the mind, into your body where honesty resides most naturally!