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Story Telling in Buffoonery Workshops

The first part of my buffoonery workshops uses story telling in order to break down barriers, remove expected roles, and get everyone on the same playing field. It works! In fact, it sometimes becomes one of the most powerful moments during the session.

Then the stories get used later on in the buffoonery process. (A very fun time!)

How much do you use storytelling at work, or at play and socially?

The following article by Geoff Livingston caught my eye.

How Storytelling Betters Content

Moving from marketing to an entertaining delivery of useful information creates a much higher likelihood of successful communications between an organization and its stakeholders. Like gamification, storytelling entertains the online reader/viewer/listener, earning their interest. Compelling stories convert dry boring content into worthwhile time expenditures.

Success assumes a few of things: 1) That the storyteller understands what compels its stakeholders; 2) the information presented in the story is useful; and 3) the return on investment for an organization is asked for in a tasteful manner. Meeting those three fundamental building blocks empowers an organization to make storytelling work.

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