To Be or Not To Be…. Happy?

Seems like we are constantly on a Happy Quest in our society these days. Is it just us, our time, or an ancient quest that has been passed down the ages? Do we have more time than the “old days” to consider our feelings and whether they feel good, or bad? Or, is life getting so complicated by the information age that we feel a dissatisfaction by all the things we are NOT doing, or that we should do? Or, is there too much woowoo stuff out there making some of us feel inadequate if we are not meditating and running a full time business, and exercising, and, and, and….

Do we need to just stop?

The Vancouver Sun did a series on Happiness recently so this subject is definitely in the air. Here are the articles they published. After you read them, I would love to know your take on what Happiness means to you, how it feels, and where you sense it in your body? And, did they help answer some questions?

All articles are written by Douglas Todd who also has a compelling blog on the subjects the average person avoids:

There’s Something about Lorna

The Giggle Factor is Gone

Peace of Mind is the Ultimate Goal

Don’t Worry, We Can All Be Happy

And, finish up with that little tune that became so popular in the 1980’s!

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