The Power of Day Dreaming… & no electronics..

Do you ever allow yourself to just sit and stare? Years ago, I used to love long bus or train rides for day dreaming and letting my mind wander. It was definitely a favourite pastime.

Witnessing nature stare

Witnessing nature stare... Ucluelet, BC

These days it seems harder to find those moments as there is always something to DO, and always something close by to DO it with. Even my short bus rides into Vancouver can be filled with emailing, catching up on a phone call, or reading. Even on the toilet there is something close by to read if you are in there for a longer moment.

When do we actually stop, and do NOTHING? And, does “nothing” have to be a bad word? I know I have this underlying guilt if I’m not being productive, so sitting becomes more challenging. Arg.

The following article is confirmation, justification that sitting, daydreaming, and allowing the muse to finally slide into your otherwise bizeeee brain is a very important, and good thing!!

Switched-on world is killing creativity, expert warns

By Claire Connelly

  • Switched-on world is killing our creativity
  • Anthropologist says we need boredom
  • “Creating a space for creative thought”

MOBILE phone use and instant access to the internet from almost anywhere could be stifling creativity, according to Australian born cultural anthropologist, Genevieve Bell.

“I wonder if it means we don’t have enough time to imagine things”, Ms Bell told

“I think there’s something really powerful about one’s own imagination.

“We do a lot of consuming but where’s the moment where you develop your own point of view?

“Where’s the moment where you synthesize what you’ve been thinking about, where’s the moment where you react to it, where you create something that echoes it or that challenges it”.

“That’s a much harder thing to do.”

Read the rest of the article by Claire Connelly…

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