Tribal talk… amongst bouffons?

I was reading the below article by The Daily Om this evening and it made me think of the bouffon tribe.

The idea of being able to be yourself comfortably in a group of people, and still retain your individual self is something I encourage, with the blessing of my mentor’s teaching, regarding the Bouffon.

Unlike the clown who tends to work more individually (this is a general idea), the bouffon has a strong connection to its tribe. The ideal gang size for bouffons is usually about seven members. Within this group, there is an accepted hierarchy and no conflict. Any quirkiness is just plainly accepted.

Bouffons in their tribe...

The idea of no conflict is what seems to make the buffoonery workshops a successful platform for team building. This works well for actors relying on their fellow performers on stage or on a film set. And, the idea also works well for any group who works together in an office, or in an outdoor workplace. Taken to another level beyond conflict is the return of play. This has an obvious consequence of  positive interactions.

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