Demystifying Buffoonery Acting Workshops…

Buffoonery Workshops is NOT just about becoming a professional clown of sorts. If you want to, you can, but my workshops are here to help you as an actor, deepen your performance with explored subtext; as a non-actor, give you improvisational skills to help you deal with your work and your day to day.

Yup! It looks scary… but it’s not that bad. Depending on how much time we spend together will determine the level you will explore.


Humour is no laughing matter…

by Dave MacFadden, Vancouver Sun

There’s a line between what’s appropriate or inappropriate

A 2005 study out of Boston discovered that bonuses earned by senior executives are proportional to the amount of humour they use. It also found that exceptional execs used humour more than twice as much as average in the study interviews.

Is this really surprising? In my experience, maintaining a good sense of humour is crucial to good health -and so, by extension, to success in most of life’s endeavours, work included. It’s hard to imagine how tedious our day jobs would be if we couldn’t take ourselves lightly, or gently joke with coworkers to lighten the mood of the work environment.

Living Big 3

Playing at a Buffoonery Workshops session