Does your team have good peripheral vision?

Early on in a Buffoonery Workshop, whether it be the 2 day acting intensive or a 3 hour onsite team-building session, the group will experience a mirroring exercise that illustrates leadership, being aware of your co-workers (or fellow actors/crew), and the importance of having a wider vision. This simple, fun activity is profound in alerting  you to how you play, lead, or try to hold onto power (and what is most effective).

This fun video is put on by a bus company, LiJN, on the benefits of travelling in a group. A great effective team, those crabs!

Creativity in the workplace!

Some times you need to shake things up so you come up with better ideas, get energized, and inspired.

I’ve seen people come into my buffoonery class not on top of the world. I’ve heard, “I’m not feeling well”, “My back is sore”, “I’m really tired” and so on. I nod my head and encourage them to just play in their state, and that there are no expectations. I ask that they remain open to what might happen if they just show up.

Letting go and shaking it up!

And, they do. And, I’ve seen people completely turn their state around to a much more positive place.

Imagine if you could do that in the work place? Or, maybe you do!

The following article offers a few tips to help you reignite your employees.

Want to Nurture Creativity Among Employees? Assign Crazy.

Unless you’re a solo entrepreneur, you probably didn’t build your business on your own. Nope, I’m not referring to President Barack Obama’s incendiary remarks that recently ruffled some feathers in the small-business community. I’m talking about employees.

If you dream of building another Google or Patagonia one day, you’d do well to not only accept input from employees but actively seek it. Creativity doesn’t just happen. If you’re ready to really embrace the kind of culture where creativity and innovation may thrive, here’s how to get started.

Read more by Mathew Torin to get some good tips!

Does your company need team-building?

Team-building seems to be an overused buzz word, yet it is the closest term that best describes increasing effectiveness within a company or organization.

These days with all the online communication, we more than ever need to find ways to sustain the “good ole fashioned” face to face communication so that everyone can do their job well, and be happy about it!

How about your organization? Do you think it is flowing well? Are your employees working at optimum? Is there a good energy supporting productivity?

Have a look at Dr. Woody’s take on simple communication. Read more

Buffooning as play….

This photo comes from a two day buffoonery intensive for actors/improvisors/performers. Buffoonery Workshops is available to do a 3 hour workshop for Team-building, or staff development days (no costumes).




On trust…

Trust. A big word in relationships, in the workplace, and in every day life. We are forced to trust, even when we might not… i.e. how many of us check how clean a kitchen is at a restaurant before agreeing to eat their food? Probably never!

However, there are areas where trust, or a lack of trust, can have a significant impact on a situation. Relationships, intimate or casual, can suffer if there is little trust. And, on the other side of the coin, relationships can flourish with full trust. So.. how do we establish and nurture this crucial state? How do YOU inspire trust?

This article by Geoff Forte nicely addresses some ideas for trust in the workplace.

The Secrets of Building Trust in the Workplace

Scottish author George Macdonald said that “it is better to be trusted than loved.” That may not be entirely applicable in private life, but it certainly is a sound axiom to live by at work. Experts agree that trust is one of the most important ingredients to a productive, synergistic and communicative workplace. Much has been said about building relationships with co-workers, bosses and customers, but while that is an important element to success, the need to forge trusting relationships is the real key. What are some warning signs that you may have a trust issue in your workplace?

1-A very active “grapevine,” or “rumor mill”
2-High turnover rate
3-“Turf wars”
5-Low initiative, morale

Read the rest of the article by Greg Forte,  contributor to Yahoo Voices

Better to grape than gripe?

Team-Building at it’s worst… but, fun to watch!

(at least there might be some wine at the end?)

We had some grape picking, wine making fun recently in the Okanagan! (no feet!)

To read more: Bouffon Droppings

Tribal talk… amongst bouffons?

I was reading the below article by The Daily Om this evening and it made me think of the bouffon tribe.

The idea of being able to be yourself comfortably in a group of people, and still retain your individual self is something I encourage, with the blessing of my mentor’s teaching, regarding the Bouffon.

Unlike the clown who tends to work more individually (this is a general idea), the bouffon has a strong connection to its tribe. The ideal gang size for bouffons is usually about seven members. Within this group, there is an accepted hierarchy and no conflict. Any quirkiness is just plainly accepted.

Bouffons in their tribe...

The idea of no conflict is what seems to make the buffoonery workshops a successful platform for team building. This works well for actors relying on their fellow performers on stage or on a film set. And, the idea also works well for any group who works together in an office, or in an outdoor workplace. Taken to another level beyond conflict is the return of play. This has an obvious consequence of  positive interactions.

Enjoy The Daily Om‘s “Finding Your Tribe”…. Read more