A Conversation with Jeff Hyslop….

What does one limit themselves to asking when doing an interview with one of the most prolific and successful Canadian Triple Threats, actor, singer, dancer, the notable Jeff Hyslop? (Actually, “Quadruple” as he is also a director.) My challenge was to direct the myriad questions I had and the stories he had into the short, but time-stopping two hours we shared. Publicist Cheryl Hutcherson set the scene comfortably and we soon sailed into the creative, exciting, rich world of Jeff Hyslop.

But, before I pull the anchor, let me tell you first and foremost Mr. Hyslop will be appearing in the show “Victor Victoria” directed by Mark Carter, opening at the Metro Theatre on March 17, running through until April 7. This exceptional opportunity to watch, in my opinion, a Canadian icon that has done everything from Gilbert of “Anne of Green Gables” to the Phantom in “Phantom of the Opera” and numerous television appearances including the famous “Today’s Special” and much more, is not to be missed. I hope you won’t.

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Traces… Their Truth?

I’ve been writing for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance lately and would like to share a couple of my recent articles. After seeing the play “Traces” by Theatre La Seizieme in Vancouver, here were some of my thoughts:

“Brush strokes, tattoos, video testimonials, life scars, legacies….. These are a few of the traces I pondered after watching Théâtre la Seizième’s original production “Traces”, directed (& created by) Craig Holzschuh and Anita Rochon, with collaboration by Gilles Poulin-Denis, (stage manager, Noa Anatot; set design: Julie Marten; lighting: Jeremy Baxter; music, Steve Charles; video, Corwin Ferguson) recently on at Studio 16 in Vancouver.

Coming from a family of artists – father, painter & potter – mother, fibre artist, I was always aware of the marks they were leaving in the world. I was in admiration of their visual contribution that will remain long after they are gone. It made me wonder about my contribution.”

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A taste of the stage for “Traces”