Using storytelling for effective communication…

Story Telling in Buffoonery Workshops

The first part of my buffoonery workshops uses story telling in order to break down barriers, remove expected roles, and get everyone on the same playing field. It works! In fact, it sometimes becomes one of the most powerful moments during the session.

Then the stories get used later on in the buffoonery process. (A very fun time!)

How much do you use storytelling at work, or at play and socially?

The following article by Geoff Livingston caught my eye.

How Storytelling Betters Content

Moving from marketing to an entertaining delivery of useful information creates a much higher likelihood of successful communications between an organization and its stakeholders. Like gamification, storytelling entertains the online reader/viewer/listener, earning their interest. Compelling stories convert dry boring content into worthwhile time expenditures.

Success assumes a few of things: 1) That the storyteller understands what compels its stakeholders; 2) the information presented in the story is useful; and 3) the return on investment for an organization is asked for in a tasteful manner. Meeting those three fundamental building blocks empowers an organization to make storytelling work.

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Tribal talk… amongst bouffons?

I was reading the below article by The Daily Om this evening and it made me think of the bouffon tribe.

The idea of being able to be yourself comfortably in a group of people, and still retain your individual self is something I encourage, with the blessing of my mentor’s teaching, regarding the Bouffon.

Unlike the clown who tends to work more individually (this is a general idea), the bouffon has a strong connection to its tribe. The ideal gang size for bouffons is usually about seven members. Within this group, there is an accepted hierarchy and no conflict. Any quirkiness is just plainly accepted.

Bouffons in their tribe...

The idea of no conflict is what seems to make the buffoonery workshops a successful platform for team building. This works well for actors relying on their fellow performers on stage or on a film set. And, the idea also works well for any group who works together in an office, or in an outdoor workplace. Taken to another level beyond conflict is the return of play. This has an obvious consequence of  positive interactions.

Enjoy The Daily Om‘s “Finding Your Tribe”…. Read more

Buffoonery Flash Mob on April Fools Day!

The Bouffon Flash Mob group

A fantasy of mine turned into a reality last Friday afternoon, April Fool’s Day.

Flash Mobs intrigue me, call to me. Dancing seemingly spontaneously in guerrilla theatre fashion suits me. I watch them online, and get goosebumps each time I watch the Olympics “Dancing In the Street” flash mob of thousands on Robson Street.

But, I had never experienced one. And, the one that kept creeping into my imagination contained many bouffons.

Then, after recently taking my buffoonery workshop, a dear friend, enthusiastically said, “You should do something for April Fool’s Day with your bouffons!”.

You guessed it. Her idea married my fantasy, and things started to move. I surveyed my bouffon students to see who was game. The reactions were keen. Very keen.

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Permission To Play…

Trilby Jeeves - Vancouver Olympics Zipline - 300x450

When I was little, I didn’t want to grow up. The grown up world looked terribly serious.

One day when we were kids hanging out in the back yard, my friend told me that she couldn’t wait to get married and have kids. Wow. I thought she was nuts. Not me!

Now, gazillions of years later I know what my childhood instincts were telling me. There was going to be a lot less play in the grown up world and a lot more problems to solve. I just knew.

One day on a walk, I watched an impish mix of  adults and kids playing soccer with abandon. It made me grin and I knew that nothing else could be on their minds. Too busy playing, they were in the elusive “now” where all the great contemporary gurus are telling us to be. (have you read Eckart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”?) The soccer game was a perfect example.

Theatre stage work offers this opportunity for me and I believe my journey to this world was an honest trek from childhood. I needed to keep playing. It felt like air, a serious necessity. Being a character on a stage, in a situation, with a live audience, if you are sincere with your work, telling a story, will keep you divinely present. Read more