One… for World Theatre Day

One…at The Shadbolt

World Theatre Day, still, in my late evening world. And, I just saw a play – a performance piece of moving, dancing, contorting story telling consisting of worlds beyond time, space, and dimension. But, this abstract dimension carried an age old dilemma of lost love.

Traveling “Ghost River Theatre” from Calgary, Alberta presents “One” at the Shadbolt Centre for The Arts from tonight until only Saturday night, March 30. It’s a visual treat originally created by the performers as a 20 minute piece, now a full hour presentation. Director Eric Rose and Creator Jason Carnew take us on a foggy, time-warped, mythological, antique ride that has us squirming with discomfort.

I wish the saying “a magical mystery tour” was not taken and so well known. I might have used it to describe part of this piece. But, don’t get me wrong the magic gets a bit ugly and nightmarish as we descend more deeply.

Philistine, played energetically by Amber Borotsik, is on a passionate quest to re-find her other half, George, played by Cole Humeny, after his leaving on a search for space for them amongst the stars.

“It hurts to love you when you’re not here!” she cries out.

We flash back to the two lovers’ first meeting and subsequent relationship, mostly expressed through visceral dance. Then Philistine’s rocky journey back to her George commences.

An unhelpful, maybe bitter, gatekeeper, played by Keith Wyatt, frustrates and stalls her progress, but eventually he leads her to her tough decision. She could swim her way back to freedom, without him. Instead, she gets to meet her next obstacle, Elishiva, creepily played by Kristi Hansen.

The sound, lighting, costumes and spatial usage in this production had us brilliantly spinning and believing in dusty library shelves, blustery seas, star studded skies, a time warped office, and a grim location. (My favourite was the underwater sequence.)

Give our traveling theatre friends a great Vancouver Theatre welcome and check out their show. There are three more nights (March 28-30). Head out to The Shadbolt Centre for The Arts in Burnaby (just off highway one at Canada Way) for a unique voyage.

Happy World Theatre Day …..every day!

Vive le Théâtre!  

By Trilby Jeeves (here’s a PERSONAL WTD MESSAGE from me)

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