On Motivation…

What motivates YOU? I would really like to know. Really… it’s not a rhetorical question. I ask myself this question a few times a day, subconsciously, and sometimes consciously.

Occasionally I have a specific answer. But, mainly, anything that spurs my creativity seems to inspire me out of bed in the morning. Or fear *said with a higher tone*. But, fear doesn’t feel good. And fear doesn’t really produce rewarding results.

This evening as I was driving home, I was thinking about the several bartering moments I have been enjoying, and imagined a world without money. I came to a conclusion that money wasn’t enough of a motivator for me.

Daniel Pink, a favourite author of mine, explains so wonderfully the myth of motivation, and what truly makes us rise to our potential. It’s NOT money. When businesses and organizations finally realize this, and implement the ideas, Pink offers, they should witness some positive changes.

I highly recommend his book on motivation “Drive” – an enlightening read.

In the meantime, settle in for an 18 minute TED talk by Daniel Pink and learn what motivates us.

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