Okay… I am an Actor, too…

Being an actor/actress is an odd vocation, one that I was so excited to discover and one that I eventually pursued. My door to the acting world was the costume department. Our dear late friend, Werner Russold, wardrobe department head, offered me a short pre-production job for the Charlottetown Festival at the Confederation Centre of the Arts when I was 17. As I stood in the wings, ready to help with a quick change for some of the performers, I gazed at the stage and fell in love. “I want to be out there, not here!”

I got there.

You can see by my bio that I made it a more challenging experience as I did it all my training in French. I was one lucky gal to be able to study for 3 years under an incredibly tough and wonderful program. AND, learn French.

I’ve done much more theatre than film, and costuming has followed me throughout my life as well. But, I love film. And, I would love to explore this medium, more.


I did what most actors have done a long time ago. I put together a sampling of what I’m able to do.



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