“Loon” and “The Ballad of Herbie Cox”

La Lune. L’amour de la lune. “Loon”… I am presuming, fairly safely I think, comes from “lune”. Quelle image. What a beautiful image.

Loon is simple. Stunning. Moving. Heart-breaking. Humorous. Loon is also complex. The first 30 seconds of the show brought tears to my eyes. An hour later, I didn’t notice it was an hour later. The man AND the moon. Love in the most unusual, believable way.

I will carry “Loon” with me for a long, long time. Thank you WonderHeads from Portland, USA.

And, in the spirit of their simplicity, that’s all I will say. See it.

I floated to my next show.

Australian production, “The Ballad of Herbie Cox” was closing when I saw it. Because of my love for physical theatre I felt drawn to Victoria Chiu and Roland Cox’s work. This multi-talented married couple decided to explore their family backgrounds and interpret their stories through music, dance, song, and story-telling.

Un-expected is the first word to describe my experience. Nothing was predictable. Both Cox and Chiu danced but Chiu was strangely and beautifully mesmerizing in all her variations of moving. Cox supported her well, and added his quirky interpretations. His forte was his piano. I drifted in and out of the story as my attention went to the physical and musical manifestations of their family dynamics.

At the curtain call, they brought out a pair of teeny pyjamas saying they represented, Herbie, their new son as he was sleeping. Not only is this highly creative duo married, they also have a baby son. I couldn’t help ponder how they managed to create, have a family, tour, and still appear in love! My hats off to them! Safe and restful travels back to Australia.

Three more days at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival, and I await more adventures, and inspiring thoughts. Maybe I’ll actually get back to writing that one woman show I started a long time ago!

Vive le theatre!

By Trilby Jeeves for The Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

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