Laughter.. how could it not be good for you?!

I was so happy to stumble upon the following article thanks to the fabulous Daniel Pink‘s tweet.

Any study that promotes laughter as a good thing makes me happy. I grew up with a good sense of humour, and lots of giggling as a result. I am grateful I was “easily amused” as was told many times by friends. (I didn’t care as I had way more fun than them, anyway!). Unfortunately, a lot of us lose our easy humour as we grow older. (not everyone) So… going out of your way to re-discover those laughs is a good thing! Buffoonery anyone? Haha!

Would love to know what makes you laugh? And how often do you laugh?

An irresistable bouffon!

An irresistable bouffon! (photo by Chara Berk Photography)

Scientists Hint at Why Laughter Feels So Good

Laughter is regularly promoted as a source of health and well being, but it has been hard to pin down exactly why laughing until it hurts feels so good.

The answer, reports Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist at Oxford, is not the intellectual pleasure of cerebral humor, but the physical act of laughing. The simple muscular exertions involved in producing the familiar ha, ha, ha, he said, trigger an increase in endorphins, the brain chemicals known for their feel-good effect.

His results build on a long history of scientific attempts to understand a deceptively simple and universal behavior. “Laughter is very weird stuff, actually,” Dr. Dunbar said. “That’s why we got interested in it.” And the findings fit well with a growing sense that laughter contributes to group bonding and may have been important in the evolution of highly social humans.

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