Does your company need team-building?

Team-building seems to be an overused buzz word, yet it is the closest term that best describes increasing effectiveness within a company or organization.

These days with all the online communication, we more than ever need to find ways to sustain the “good ole fashioned” face to face communication so that everyone can do their job well, and be happy about it!

How about your organization? Do you think it is flowing well? Are your employees working at optimum? Is there a good energy supporting productivity?

Have a look at Dr. Woody’s take on simple communication.

How to Hold a Team-Building Conversation at Work

by Michael Woodward aka Dr. Woody

Almost every employee has heard this mantra: We need to work as a team!

Team building is probably one of the most requested organizational development activities in business today, but like most things, with popularity comes saturation.

There are a lot of tools and techniques available to help teams learn to function better together. But the challenge is they aren’t all created equal and many of them require significant investment.

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