Can humour also be considered art?

This is a great question, and I’m looking forward to your feedback. How do you view humour as in the “art” category? When I look at the Oscars, and how dramatic movies tend to bask in the limelight, I can’t help surmise that maybe humour isn’t high on the artistic list.

Buffoonery as an Art?

Such a shame.

When I witness the journeys my students (in my buffoonery workshops) undertake to attain the truth of their bouffon, and then mirror the world around them, including “their own human”, I believe they should receive the art stamp. Humour at it’s best usually makes us look inwardly and see a situation in a whole other light. Isn’t that art?

The following article is a fabulous door opener to this subject. What do you think? What are some significant humorous moments that have impacted your life, or day?

No one said art couldn’t be funny

By David Quantick

Despite having won every accolade going, Woody Allen still doesn’t see himself as anything special. “I consider myself a hugely lucky filmmaker,” he said at the Cannes Film Festival last week. “I’ve never considered myself an artist. I’ve aspired to be one, but I’ve never felt that I have the depth or substance or the gift to be an artist.”

It brought to mind the words of another genuine artist, Oscar Wilde, when he said that “art is useless.” But that was just him up to his old tricks. He wasn’t telling people that art has no practical application so much as annoying contemporaries who felt that art, like industry, empire and other attributes of healthy, virile Victorian culture, should be useful -rather than dubious, louche and merely entertaining, like Wilde and his work.

Read the rest of the article by David Quantick at The Vancouver Sun..

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