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The Bouffon Workshop in Chicago has been postponed to April, 2013. The following story stays the same, just further on in time. Thank you to the campaign donors for continuing to support me!

Original Post:

Last week I found myself expressing, aloud how rich it would be to someday extend my bouffon training by studying under the Master Bouffon, Philippe Gaulier from France.

Be careful what you wish for.

Literally, 3 days later, I received a phone call from FixtPoint Theatre in Toronto inviting me to their Master bouffon class with Philippe Gaulier in Chicago this September.

Huh? Was I hearing things? Nope!

After much deliberation I heard myself saying yes. (Isn’t that the basis of all good improv?)

But, I knew I would need a little help as the course and trip is going to cost me despite the “educator bursary” they offered. This is where I’m asking for your assistance.

Why engage in this project? Maybe a little back story would help?

Hmm… “back” story….

Ten years ago I was working at my costume set supervisor job (which provided an income that bought me time for the stage) on a Steven Spielberg show, “Taken”, and I fell on location in a dicey area, and hurt my already challenged back. One year and several chiropractic moments later, I ended up on the operating table with a massive herniated disc. I lost function in my right leg and had months of physiotherapy.

No more costume set work for moi!

A time for re-invention (once I was walking again).

I found a business program through the government, and since I grew up in a small business environment, thought this might be the way to go. I created a tangible product from my costume days called a hot-scarf and got accepted into a nine month program. I learned a lot. I cried a lot. It wasn’t my passion, but, I knew my theatre related ideas wouldn’t have gotten me into the program.

I stuck with Hotscarves for a while then soon realized that me and manufacturing weren’t going to be the best of friends.

Time for something else.

February 2007, in the shower, my muse showed up and reminded me of the bouffon and how much it meant to me for my performing.

The rest is history, so to speak. Buffoonery Workshops was born, and almost six years later, I love it even more. I get to inspire both actors and non-actors to get out of their head and into their body in a playful, yet very profound manner. In fact, this form has gone even further than I ever imagined. The workshop is turning into a personal growth venture for those brave enough to go there.

August 2012 2 Day Buffoonery Workshop

Now I have a chance to add more to my workshop by enhancing my former mentor’s sharing with another Bouffon Master, Philippe Gaulier.

I committed to going to FixtPoint Theatre’s 2 week workshop in Chicago with Philippe Gaulier on September 3rd so that I can make my work even better.

If you perceive my work to be of value to the world…

…please start a conversation with your friends, family and co-workers. Share the link, even if you’re not in a position to give financially. By giving, you will be allowing someone the opportunity to play, laugh and be joyful. (see the levels of gifts on the donation tab: see below) On top of that you will be sending me to enhance my training.

Embrace your playful self, and make sure that you find a way to have a daily giggle so that the world feels your energy. Even in dark times, a laugh can keep you healthy.

Here’s a buffoonery video to entertain and make you smile:

Happy day… and thank you…




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