Buffoonery Acting and Performer’s Mastery 2013!

Buffoonery Workshops is excited to announce a unique venture with The Performer’s Mastery of Vancouver for 2013. For a lower combined price acting students can take advantage of both the Buffoonery Acting Workshop and the Performer’s Mastery in order to have an amazing duo of career and personal growth building.

I, Trilby, took the Performer’s Mastery in July 2012 and discovered a challenging 3 days where your “stuff” gets addressed. This workshop is great for anyone, really, but for performers who want to be authentic in their work, the Performer’s Mastery is a direct way in.

Henry Mah, one of the two facilitators (the other being veteran Linda Darlow), subsequently zealously took the Buffoonery Workshop in August.

We saw that both our workshops encourage actors and non-actors out of their comfort zones, and into their truth with very different yet, complimentary, methods. Over coffee we decided that in making it possible for people to take both workshops at a lower cost, we could help more people attain their dreams.

For more information and registration please go to The Performer’s Mastery site.

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