Okay… I am an Actor, too…

Being an actor/actress is an odd vocation, one that I was so excited to discover and one that I eventually pursued. My door to the acting world was the costume department. Our dear late friend, Werner Russold, wardrobe department head, offered me a short pre-production job for the Charlottetown Festival at the Confederation Centre of the Arts when I was 17. As I stood in the wings, ready to help with a quick change for some of the performers, I gazed at the stage and Read more

Demystifying Buffoonery Acting Workshops…

Buffoonery Workshops is NOT just about becoming a professional clown of sorts. If you want to, you can, but my workshops are here to help you as an actor, deepen your performance with explored subtext; as a non-actor, give you improvisational skills to help you deal with your work and your day to day.

Yup! It looks scary… but it’s not that bad. Depending on how much time we spend together will determine the level you will explore.


Shake off the snowflakes & cold, Toronto!


Buffoonery Workshops is coming to Toronto to give an intro workshop! Check it out!

Happppyyyy Hump Day!


Think you’re too old? Nahhh!

Too Old?

Thanks to Zen to Zany!

One… for World Theatre Day

One…at The Shadbolt

World Theatre Day, still, in my late evening world. And, I just saw a play – a performance piece of moving, dancing, contorting story telling consisting of worlds beyond time, space, and dimension. But, this abstract dimension carried an age old dilemma of lost love.

Traveling “Ghost River Theatre” from Calgary, Alberta presents “One” at the Shadbolt Centre for The Arts from tonight until only Saturday night, March 30. It’s a visual treat originally created by the performers as a 20 minute piece, now a full hour presentation. Director Eric Rose and Creator Jason Carnew take us on a foggy, time-warped, mythological, antique ride that has us squirming with discomfort. Read more

Theatre: Sly Fox and a little Spring Awakening…

Ahhhh… the energy of youth: impassioned performances, physical leaps and bounds, bodily contortions, abrupt turns, dance numbers and simultaneous songs, sexuality bursting at the seams, the promise of more, feet that whisk off and on the fiery energetic stage, and ….yes, more.

That’s what “Sly Fox” at The North Shore Credit Union Centre for Performing Arts (Capilano University) and “Spring Awakening” at Studio 58 (Langara College) have in common. Large impressive casts that seize the stage with vim and vigour explore each side of the theatre mask.

Drama and comedy.

“Sly Fox” is a wild comedic romp directed by well-known casting director Stuart Aikens who chose to colour this production originally set in San Francisco in the 1800’s to an 1850’s Western caper. Larry Gelbart’s play adapted to this genre perfectly.

With the theme of greed dripping and oozing everywhere, the main characters had their objectives clear. Get the gold. At whatever cost. Read more

Homelessness and Sales….

Every Thursday morning at 7:00 I start my day with a rollicking, yet professional meeting with the Think Referrals Business Network. We have our breakfast, present our 60 second updates, maybe watch a presentation and/or discuss some of our business challenges. And, we have fun.

Some of the challenges that emerged today related to sales.

Sales. A scary word that conjures up plaid jacketed, smoking, slick used car salesmen and buyer’s remorse. EEK… But, this word is what we all do, all the time. Ask Daniel H. Pink! His newly released book “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” addresses this very issue. I love Dan Pink’s books (“A Whole New Mind” “Drive”) and this one is another goody. I recommend reading all three.

Pink discusses how we all work in sales, “whether we’re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others.”

Or a homeless person asking for help. Read more

Buffoonery Acting and Performer’s Mastery 2013!

Buffoonery Workshops is excited to announce a unique venture with The Performer’s Mastery of Vancouver for 2013. For a lower combined price acting students can take advantage of both the Buffoonery Acting Workshop and the Performer’s Mastery in order to have an amazing duo of career and personal growth building.

I, Trilby, took the Performer’s Mastery in July 2012 and discovered a challenging 3 days where your “stuff” gets addressed. This workshop is great for anyone, really, but for performers who want to be authentic in their work, the Performer’s Mastery is a direct way in.

Henry Mah, one of the two facilitators (the other being veteran Linda Darlow), subsequently zealously took the Buffoonery Workshop in August.

We saw that both our workshops encourage actors and non-actors out of their comfort zones, and into their truth with very different yet, complimentary, methods. Over coffee we decided that in making it possible for people to take both workshops at a lower cost, we could help more people attain their dreams.

For more information and registration please go to The Performer’s Mastery site.

Why stop playing because you are an…. adult?

When I was little, I didn’t want to grow up.

It was very clear I didn’t want to become an adult. It seemed a whole lot less fun. I wasn’t too far off!

Well, despite my resistance, I did “grow up” or at least I got bigger. I still fight the notion of being an adult, and now have as a mission to keep adults playing (Buffoonery Workshops). In my mind, it’s all about balancing the overwhelming seriousness of life with some playfulness.

Finding your playful bouffon!

Is it possible?

Here is an article by the Vancouver Sun published July 2012 on this topic. Would love to know your thoughts!

Adults relearn benefits of play

For anyone who’s stared longingly at a swing-set or quietly cursed the height restriction at McDonald’s Playland, the International Council on Active Aging brings a ball-pit full of good news.

At the organization’s latest annual conference, “older-adult playgrounds” were endorsed as a way of getting baby boomers and seniors to embrace healthier, active lifestyles. Like an Amber Alert for your inner child, the idea is to help grown-ups recover their sense of play and trick them into exercising at the same time.