Being Connected …decreasing envy & sabotage?

How unpleasant is it to work beside someone who pretends to get a long with you, but ultimately is sending a deep green cloud drifting your way?

I am not unfamiliar with that feeling of someone close by making things difficult because of envy. I just didn’t realize it at the time. “Who would be envious of ME?! Good grief!” When those same people became happier, and even joyful, when I was going through a rough period, I knew this was NOT normal! Even worse, when gestures of sabotage were delivered with the goal of spoiling a good moment occurred, it was time to zoom away.

"Buffooning Envy..."

A challenge if you are stuck working with someone of this nature!

Years later, I think, what if we had “buffooned” or played together in some boisterous way? Would that have improved our “togetherness” and ultimately our working relationship?

Do you have experiences of this nature? How were they solved?

The following article got me pondering the benefits of playing with our workmates!

Envy Begets Sabotage in a Disconnected Workplace: Study

By Evelyn So, Epoch Times:

Managers take note! Envious employees are more likely to engage in workplace sabotage if they have low social identification with their co-workers, new research from North America suggests.

“We often hear that people who feel envious of their colleagues try to bring them down by spreading negative rumors, withholding useful information, or secretly sabotaging their work,” study co-author Karl Aquino of the University of British Columbia said in a press release.

Read rest of the article by Evelyn So, Epoch Times

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