Le Bouffon

What Is A ‘Bouffon’?

Based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq of Paris, “Le Bouffon” is a clown of sorts – an intelligent clown, perhaps, from the depths of our earth.

Its pleasure is to mock and to imitate the absurdities of the human being (we do strange things!). They get sheer joy at playing their opinions (and they tend to be exaggerated in their appearances!) There is no limit to the expressions of “Le Bouffon”…


“The Buffoonery Workshop was an eye opening acting experience, an awakening spirit of improvement in my acting ability. As an instructor, Trilby Jeeves is honest, compassionate, focused and direct. She dares the actor to go beyond compromise. She, then, through buffoonery deconstructs your acting preconceptions and helps you find that safe place in which to explore.” ~ Dane B. McFadhen, Vancouver, Canada


Why Buffoonery?

Why Buffoonery - Trilby Jeeves - Buffoonery Workshops

For ACTORS buffoonery is one of the best ways to break through a stiff, conscientious performance to one of non-distracted commitment. (trust me!)

You will develop a tool for creating well-rounded characters with minimal information. (just be careful of where you practice!)

You will have a chance to exercise the wholeness in your being from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

And, did I mention “have FUN!!”? (and LAUGH!)

For  NON-ACTORS, the bouffon provides a safe place to let go, loosen up and feel free.

One of the strengths of the bouffon world is their sense of “gang” or “ensemble”. There is no conflict within their group, and their safe, trusting power together allows each individual to flourish. (just like a good relationship!) This is good for team-building.

For anyone who wants to release their hidden skills & talents (whether on stage or in the office), the bouffon tribe can help you.

To find out more and book a workshop designed to your needs please contact: Trilby Jeeves at 604-922-3744604-922-3744.