“We were looking for a character to provide an element of spice that could interact with the crowd for our annual fundraiser.  ‘Madame Rouge’ didn’t just interact, she dissolved social barriers and really encouraged people to open up.  Her interactions almost turned into a confessional of sorts for some folks.  We were more than satisfied with the character she provided, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any event in the future.” Eric Armour, Trinity Romance Shop, Squamish, BC

Levity for your special functions

If you are having a corporate event, trade show, conference, or a special party, Buffoonery Workshops can give your activity an entertaining edge. Bouffons/Buffoons are a distant cousin to the clown. Think “Kings Fool”. The fool likes to tell the truth, and wake up us to our human silliness. In turn, we get to laugh at ourselves – a very welcoming and freeing feeling.


photo by: www.MichaelJulianBerz.com


  • During conferences people inevitably look forward to the break.
  • Browsing trade tables can be a bit boring?
  • “Office parties” aren’t always that fun?
  • People are shy to socialize or network.
  • Lack of energy can bring a lack of interest.
  • Opportunities to network are missed.



  • Your clients are energized
  • Your clients don’t notice the time passing
  • Your clients absorb more content (if it’s a conference)
  • Laughter is present
  • Networking flows with ease
  • Everyone is talking about the great time
  • Your clients are thanking you for a good, unique time
  • You are happy and relaxed at the end of your day


Bouffon Therapy!


  • People will remember your conference, trade show, party (good marketing for repeat customers)
  • Energized clients will be alert for presentations
  • When clients are laughing, they are more open for learning and business
  • Laughter promotes bonding
  • Networking becomes a much lighter affair, less stressful
  • Less stress equals more authentic conversation
  • Authentic conversation leads to trust
  • Trust leads to business
  • Business leads right back to levity and fun


Photo by Joe Perez: La Journée Internationale de la Francophonie



  • One to ten bouffons wandering, engaging with your clients
  • Short skits when a lull occurs in the energy of your gathering
  • Musically accompanied dance that will involve some of your clients
  • Resistant people dancing, and becoming a dance leader!
  • Clients laughing at themselves, and taking things less seriously
  • Added levity to a possible staunch time


Questions to ask:

  • How many clients will you have?
  • What kind of impact do you want your clients to have?
  • What type of clients do you have?
  • Are they ready for some silliness?
  • Would you like a new, fun atmosphere at your event?
  • How long would you like a buffoonery intervention?
  • How many bouffons would you like? A “gang” or one or two?

Photo by: www.MichaelJulianBerz.com

If you have a conference and would like some fun breakout sessions for team-building, please refer to our team-building page. If you would like simply some entertainment, please contact Trilby Jeeves, trilby@buffooneryworkshops.com or call 604-922-3744