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A Taste of Bouffonery…

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  • Play

    Yup.. it’s an inner child thing. Just tapping into what is already in you. No woo woo…

  • Truth

    Hmm.. truth can be tricky. But it sure feels good as a Bouffon!

  • Freedom

    Finally! A place to let it all go. Swearing is allowed!

Buffooning: taught by Trilby is one of the most innovative methods of layering any actor’s character. It is a must for any serious actor who wishes to further hone their craft and honour themselves as both a person and an actor. SOOOO MUCH FUN!

Charlene Luedke
Charlene LuedkeActress, Vancouver, Canada

I enjoyed the workshop very much! It really pushed me to experiment and try things I wouldn’t normally do – in other words, take risks. My monologue had gone flat and “planned” until our session, when I felt really connected. Making fun of the troubled character and exaggerating it to the point of absurdity drew me in to all the complexities of that lonely guy.

Ian Batt
Ian BattActor, Vancouver, Canada

“Trilby creates a wonderful safe environment that naturally fosters creativity and unleashes your inner playful side. Enjoyed every second.”

Tara StrachanCanadian Mental Health Association, BC

What a journey! Thank you for creating a safe environment for us to find our buffoons and explore! I have been recommending the course to friends all day!

Lee Ann Keple
Lee Ann KepleVancouver, Canada

For me, the Buffoon workshop was a huge awakening to bringing my whole being to the work that I do as an actor. Buffoonery opens the door for you to reach the heights in your performance in every direction and through that world, emerges a vibrant and generous expression of yourself.

Trilby is an energetic, passionate and intuitive teacher who creates a space of playful exploration and possibility for her students. It was such fun and a whole new dimension to building a character. Just let yourself!

Ashley Rose
Ashley RoseVancouver, Canada

I was looking for something that would shake up my acting and take it one step further and this has done the trick. This will resonate with me for a while and I can’t wait to take all my newfound tools out into the world and let them loose on my work and see what shakes out. More play, less think!

Sheryl Thompson
Sheryl ThompsonVancouver, Canada

Buffooning with Trilby Jeeves brought me up close and personal with the historic character I was writing and performing. Prior to buffooning, I now realize I was merely covering events in the story like it was so much data. The journey to finding my buffoon connected me with Anne emotionally, physically and intellectually, on a level I hadn’t before experienced. My writing now has a clearer purpose and I know instinctively which motifs and storylines to connect and enhance. In fact, this piece, Anne Thomas, has moved to become a monologue, because the character is so strong. Thanks, Trilby.

Patty Holmes
Patty HolmesVancouver, Canada

Thank-you Trilby for teaching me how to be a great buffoon! I had such a fabulous time learning how to let go. I went through an amazing journey of discovery in your class. Finding my buffoon has brought me closer to myself and in turn will help me connect to others and find the truth in my work. For that I am forever grateful!

Jen ClarkeVancouver, Canada

Discovering my inner Buffoon through working with Trilby Jeeves continues to inspire my work as a comic improviser. If you live to laugh or laugh to live, you gotta’ get your Buffoon on!

Kevin L. Smith
Kevin L. SmithVancouver, Canada

I took the Buffoon workshop to partake in more of this journey called creative expression. It refined the floodgates of my creative process and gave me permission to believe in myself and all I can do. I enjoyed it immensely and am grateful to you for your encouragement, energy and ability to create a safe and magical space. Thanks Trilby.

Taylor Stutchbury
Taylor StutchburyVancouver, Canada

As a grown up- the chance to play carefree for the first time in 30 years; as an actor- the total freedom and abandonment of creative blockages to take me to levels where I can soar; as a spirit- the chance to remember.

Natalie PereechActress, Jamaica